Fitness Centers

Fitness Centers

Fitness Center & Gym Cleaning

Own a fitness center, gym or sports club that needs daily cleaning services? Thousands of residents frequent fitness centers on a daily basis and this has the potential to create extremely unappealing, unsanitary conditions which include:

Unpleasant Odors Dirty Equipment Unclean Restrooms/Locker Rooms Dirty Floors Spills/Stains on floor/carpet Dusty Surfaces

Our staff can develop a cleaning program that will fit your sports club’s budget and maintain a high level of cleanliness that will keep your customers coming back. Contact us today to inquire more about our fitness center cleaning services.

Take a peak at some of our cleaning checklists for Fitness Centers:

Workout/Cardio Equipment
Wipe workout machines with organic cleaners Clean surfaces of areas that see heavy usage of exercise such as treadmill Ramps, Pedals, etc.)

Weight Equipment
Ensure weight equipment is kept dust free Wipe-Down Equipment with Eco-Friendly Cleaner

Office/Administrative Area
Removal of dust from conference tables, chairs, fesks, furniture. Also includes the removal of dust from smaller items such as picture frames, cabinets, tophies, window sills, etc. Clean Conference Tables and Chairs with organic cleaner Clean the display of computer LCDs or CRT monitors with Glass Cleaner Disinfection of all common surfaces, phones, light, printers/fax machines, switches, and doorknobs Emptying trash cans Mop Floors with Microfiber Mop using a neutral ph finisher that won't harm finishes Vacuum All Floors with HEPA vacuum

Clean And Disinfect toilets and urinals Clean And Disinfect Sink, Counters, Fixtures Clean, disinfect and Polish Mirrors Clean Shower Areas Dust Furnishings Sweep Floors Wet Mop Floors with Disinfectant Mop Floors with Peroxide Solution

Clean railings, handles, and door knobs with disinfectant Dust frames, ledges, crevices and any switches in place such as fire alarms Empting Trash cans Spot Sweep Floors Vacuum floors with HEPA vacuum Wet Mop Floors with neutral ph finisher