Our System

The Empire Five Step System

01/ Hospital Grade Solutions

Our cleaning solutions are in accordance with antimicrobial products registered by the EPA effective against common pathogens.

Advantages include:

EPA approved Solutions Complies with OSHA labeling requirements Effective against microbes and/or pesticides commonly found in healthcare facilities Flexible solutions for every job

02/ Color Coded Microfiber Cloth

03/ HEPA Backpack Vacuum

HEPA vacuum filters utilize a unique filtration systems that allow for high quality cleaning.

The benefits of HEPA vacuums include:

Prevents reintroduction of dust or microbes back into the environment when vacuuming Improves indoor air quality Less noisier than most vacuums

04/ Flat Top Mop System

Flat top mops hold several advantages over traditional mops. Our no dip flat top mops reduce risk of cross contamination.

Other advantages include:

Faster cleaning time due to it's flat & wide rectangular shape Microfiber is more soil absorbent Allows more efficiency in cleaning harder to reach areas

05/ Continuous up to date training

Our company constantly strives in keeping up to date with the latest cleaning methods and recommendations.

Some factors include:

Researching which solutions work best judging by contact time and efficiency Looking into and using modern technology to ensure the job gets done right Learning the best cleaning methods for different surfaces